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Youtube-Schmankerl – die Einundneunzigste

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Response to Principal Who Bans Social Media

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Youtube-Schmankerl – die Neunzigste

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Big Thinkers: Katie Salen on Learning with Games

Viele, bemerkenswerte Denkanstöße, Unterricht neu zu denken. U.a. ab Minute 3:43

We need to stop having this dichotomy between sort of digital and non-digital stuff. the learning that happens is actually happening across – like in digital media and outside of digital media. Learning is not specific to an artefact. (…)

So one way for teachers to think about maybe bringing digital media into the classroom is to not think that the game itself has to be the holder of all content. (…) But rather that this game or this online experience or that book is one part of the larger curriculum experience that they are designing.

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Für alle Kollegen, die den ersten Schultag nach den Sommerferien noch vor sich haben.

Be prepared… 😉

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