Kostenloser Premium Account bei PBwiki für Lehrer

Kommentieren 03. August 2008

Ein sehr spannendes Angebot von PBwiki:

What is the PBwiki Partner Program for Education? 

PBwiki wants to make 2008-2009 the year of collaborative learning.

We know that budgets are going to be tight, and we don’t want a lack of funds to deter educators from using collaborative technologies like wikis with their students.

To this end, PBwiki is giving each teacher or librarian who signs up as part of the program between August 18 and November 30, a free premium wiki (regular price: $250/year).

For example, if you sign up for a free wiki on November 1, you would receive a premium upgrade that lasts until October 31, 2009.  Each fall, PBwiki plans to offer additional programs that will let participants retain their premium status free of charge.

You can learn more about all the ways you can use a wiki in your classroom to enhance and support student learning over on our PBWiki Education page, or the PBwiki Educator Community.

PBwiki will give each partner a special web page your members can visit to create a free, premium educational wiki. You can offer this as a special membership benefit to your teachers and librarians.

Once a teacher or librarian creates a wiki, he or she will also be eligible to participate in PBwiki’s Back-To-School Challenge, which will offer a chance to win free school supplies and other prizes by sharing lesson plans, blogging, and offering tips on creating a collaborative classroom or library.

What’s the difference between a free and a premium wiki?

PBwiki’s Premium “Gold” wikis offer significantly more functionality than its free educator wikis:

Features Free Gold
Storage 10 MB 2 GB
Page and folder-level access controls No Yes
Customizable logo and colors No Yes
Full downloadable backups of all changes and revisions No Yes
Advertising free Yes Yes

Page and folder-level access controls are especially useful for creating private or semi-private student folders that one student can access but others cannot.

PBwiki ist sicher einer der Wiki-Anbieter, der sich am meisten auf den Education-Bereich fokussiert und einen Service anbietet, der sich für den Einsatz in Schule und Ausbildung sehr gut eignet. Ich halte PBwiki neben Zoho Wiki und den google apps für den dritten großen Player auf dem Markt der Wikis für den Bildungsbereich mit einigen speziell für diese Nutzergruppe zugeschnittenen Features (am wichtihsten wohl die zur Begrenzung der Nutzergruppen). Wer also noch nicht versorgt ist, sollte sich dieses tolle Premium-Angebot ruhig mal ansehen – verlieren kann man damit wohl nichts.

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