Nachtrag: Mobiltelefone

Kommentieren 29. September 2008

Leider habe ich die Studie des CTIA-The Wireless Association® in conjunction with Harris Interactive vom 12. September erst eben gefunden, daher nun als Nachtrag zum vorherigen Post:

Während der Untersuchung wurden Jugendliche im Alter 13-19 Jahren in den USA befragt. Es gab darin 100 Fragen rund um Mobiltelefone, Erwartungen und Haltungen/Einstellungen dazu. Hier einige Ergebnisse – mir besonders auffällige oder für unseren Kontext beachtliche habe ich fett markiert:

  • 57% agree or somewhat agree that the cell phone has improved their quality of life.
  • 18% agree or somewhat agree that the cell phone has positively influenced their education.
  • 35% have used their cell phone to reach out to someone in need (good Samaritan)
  • 41% are concerned about privacy and security issues when using my mobile.
  • 57% of Smartphone users and 29% of regular cell phone users said they carry their cell phone because it is how they stay connected to their “world”.
  • 59% of Smartphone users and 37% of regular cell phone users said they carry their cell phone because it is an indicator of their personal style.
  • Overall a teenagers cell phone ranked 2nd only to clothing, in determining their social status.
  • 42% of teenagers said they could text message blindfolded!
  • The younger the teen, the more likely they are to choose text messaging over talking on the phone to someone.
  • The #1 reason why teens liked text messaging was because it allowed them to multitask.
  • Teens are not selecting text messaging to save money.
  • Females are much more likely to text messaging than males, and find the ability to text message to be more significant in their lives than males.
  • 66% want cell phones to provide the freedom to get an education from any location on earth.
  • 63% want cell phones to bring the world closer by better understanding global issues.
  • 28% of teens are browsing the web on their cell phones.
  • 59% of teens are willing to provide their profile information to businesses that advertise on cell phones!
  • The ideal cell phone for teenagers would include; mp3 player, GPS, Desktop/Laptop computer, portable video player, and access to your desktop/laptop computer files from anywhere!

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